Hello SAS World!

It should come as no surprise that SAS can be used in many different ways. I like to use SAS for data manipulation, graphing and statistical analysis. Therefore I like the data step, the IML language, statistical graph procedure and the SAS/STAT procedures. Therefore I use the data step and the IML procedure to say Hello World in the two most important places to retrieve information in SAS, the log and the Results Viewer.

First, I use a PUT statement in a data step to write the message in the log

data _null_;
   string = 'Hello World';
   put string;

Next, I use the IML language to print it in the Results Viewer.

proc iml;
   string = 'Hello World';
   print string;

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I my blog posts, I will alternate between popular topics and topics not too familiar to the novice or intermediate SAS programmer. Shortly about how I use SAS: I like to make sense of raw data. And I like to do so from three different angels in SAS: Data Manipulation, Graphing and Statistical Analysis. In all three, I put emphasis on simple and efficient programming.

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You can see the entire program from this blog post here.