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SASnrd.com is my blog, where I write about SAS programming and its applications in data science, graphing and statistical modelling.

I assume that you have at least basic knowledge of the SAS programming language. If not, click the Learn SAS Programming menu, where I recommend basic SAS learning material.

About me: I hold a MSc in Math-Economics and I work as an analyst in a Pricing/BI department in a Danish Insurance Company. This site is a spare time project to share SAS knowledge and to keep myself on an steep and ongoing learning curve by continuously sharpening my SAS skills.

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I recently showed how to create an annotation data set that will overlay cell counts or percentages on a mosaic plot. A mosaic plot is a visual representation of a cross-tabulation of observed frequencies for two categorical variables.
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The mosaic plot is a graphical visualization of a frequency table. In previous articles, I showed how to create a mosaic plot in SAS by using PROC FREQ and how to define a template in the Graph Template
I think it's time to replace my 2008 Prius. It has served me well, been basically maintenance-free, and gotten good gas mileage ... so, why not just get a newer Prius? Well, I've got the itch to get back into