Graph Examples

Here I will present examples primarily using the Statistical Graph procedures in SAS such as PROC SGPLOT, SGPANEL and SGRENDER. If you are not at all familiar with plots and graphs in SAS, go to my Learn SAS Programming section, where I recommend some great introduction learning materials to the Statistical Graphs Procedures. Also, Check out the Getting Started With SGPLOT blog series at Graphically Speaking for a good introduction to the most important of the Statistical Graps Procedures.

Simple SAS Graphs

Here, I present examples of some very basic plots that are easy to create with PROC SGPLOT. Obviously there are tons of options and features that you can use to make your graphs look better and more presentable, but in the examples I will try to limit myself and focus on the very basics.

Scatter Plot with PROC SGPLOT

Bar Chart with PROC SGPLOT

Histogram with PROC SGPLOT


Bubble Plot With PROC SGPLOT

Line Chart With PROC SGPLOT

Highlow Plot With PROC SGPLOT

Common Graphical Features

Here, I present examples of tasks, features and attributes that are often used in statistical graphs in SAS. Some are basic, some are not. Most importantly, all of the examples can help you in your most important

Break the Axis in PROC SGPLOT

Use Different Scales on the y axes in PROC SGPLOT



Finally, my blog also has a few code examples of graphical and visual analysis in SAS. Go to the Graph category to  see them all.