This is my 100’th post on the blog! 100 posts since the blog said Hello World. Time to look back and a bit forward as well. I started the blog in early 2017 and have enjoyed reading, coding, writing and blogging on here ever since. I enjoy learning new SAS programming tips and to put them into my own words on SASnrd.

Looking back on my previous posts, I seem to have developed a taste for Performace in SAS. In the beginning, I thought my emphasis would be mainly on Statistics and statistical SAS procedures. I don’t have a particular subject that I stick to. I merely write about what I find interesting or stumble upon. Right now, The FCMP Procedure is a particular interest of mine. You might see some posts about that in the next 100 posts.

The inspiration for my posts is found in many different places. I read a lot of SAS books and articles on various topics. Furthermore, I am quite active in the SAS Community. I have learned so much there in the past years. I also like to browse the documentation. Especially when I am not very familiar with the topic. Finally, I can’t forget about all those blogs at There is so much knowledge to be gained! I have an entire page listing my favorite learning material online at my Learn SAS Programming page.

Thank You!

A big thank you to all of my readers. Some of my posts are very popular and some of them not so much. However, the number of readers is steadily growing and it pleases me to see that actual people read my blog and uses my code to solve problems. That is the purpose of the blog.

Your Comments Are Always Welcome

As usual, you are always welcome to contact me. Questions, comments, critique. Anything is welcome. Or perhaps you have a SAS subject that you want me to post about? Please, do not hesitate to reach out. You can contact me through the Contact Form, at my profile as the SAS Community or simply by email at I look forward to hearing from you.